A crucial facility fidelis insurance login, provided by the Fidelis care Insurance Company for members to provide the facility to manage the plans, policy online.

This fidelis insurance login, facility will make it easy to the members to view as well as print the cards, make the online payments and many primary facilities.

Fidelis Insurance Login

fidelis insurance login
fidelis insurance login

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The article will provide you the information in detailed way about every single information related to the sign in, register the account, and reset the password along with more information about the file claim.

Before going further, we have keep in mind what the basic needs of the initiating process are: here we are giving you the details.

  • As we know this is the online process and the needed things are any monitoring devices. These monitoring devices consist the laptop, PC, Desktop, Tablet and the smart phones and many more.
  • You should have a better internet connections, the speed and the browsing efficiency should be up to mark.
  • One should get the official link fideliscare.org otherwise one cannot access the login.

Fidelis Insurance Login – Registration Process

Fidelis Insurance Login - Registration Process
Fidelis Insurance Login – Registration Process

If you are a new member in the Fidelis care Insurance Company, you have to do fidelis insurance Registration first. Otherwise you will not be able to fidelis insurance login. To keep this in mind let’s start this consecutive process step by step.

  • Once you are having all the required devices, you will be able to initiate the process.
  • Now you have to enter the address fideliscare.org to your browser it will let you visit to the home page of the Fidelis care.
  • In the top of the right side of the home page you can see the login option.
  • As you clicked on that you will get two options first is for the member online and 2nd is for the access provider.
  • You have to select the 1st one member online. As you clicked on that you will navigated to the account page. Here you have to tap on the register option.
  • As you clicked on the option you will get two options. 1st is registering for myself and second one is for the dependent.
  • We recommend to choose the first one if you are registering for yourself, but if you are doing it for another you can choose for the dependent.


  • Here first we are giving for the (myself) option.
  • As we clicked on the button we are going ourselves to the new page which is dedicated to Account Lookup.
  • Here you have to provide all the essential information which are asked in the page.
  • Member id which you can get from the ID card of the Fidelis care.
  • Now you will go to the option where you have to fill the First Name, Last name, Date of Birth and Social Security Number. Provide all these information correctly. Here Social Security Number is optional.
  • Press the button Add to continue the further process.


  • Now let’s talk about the other option Dependent.
  • As you select it you will be inside the page where you have to provide the same information.
  • Once you have done you can go for the Add button.

These above mentioned options will provide you the essentials for the fidelis insurance login. The essentials are username and password.

Fidelis Insurance Login

Fidelis Insurance Login
Fidelis Insurance Login

As you got the essentials you are now eligible to pursue the fidelis insurance login process. Follow the below steps which will make you to access the Fidelis care account.

  • As you clicked on the login, you will find yourself on the login page where you have to provide the below details.
  • If you see yourself on the mentioned page, here you have to fill two information, first is Email Address and second is password.
  • You are wandering from where you can find these crucial information.
  • You have already found it while doing the fidelis insurance Registration
  • Once you have filled these crucial information you can go with the untouched option Login with green colour.

Again, congratulation now you are eligible to access the account.

Fidelis Insurance Login – Reset Password

Fidelis Insurance Login - Reset Password
Fidelis Insurance Login – Reset Password

Once you have done fidelis insurance login, you may find the issues regarding the forgetting the password. It is very common to encounter the problem. We are providing the information about how to get the lost password back.

  • At the login in page you will find the option password recovery you need to click on it.
  • Once you have clicked on that you will be on the page where you have to fill the email address.
  • Once you have done this you have to tap on the send Reset Link.
  • Your password will be sent on your email address. Use it and you will find yourself eligible to access on the Fidelis care account.

Fidelis Insurance Login – Make a Payment

Once you have done the above process and you have made the account in the Fidelis care account. Let’s go to the further process to make payment through fidelis insurance login. Below we are providing you the steps for this process follow those and make yourself suitable candidate to the beneficiary of the Fidelis care account.

  • Once you have made a login now you have to do the same process which you have done on the registration process.
  • But once you have reached at the home page there you will see the make a payment.
  • Click on that, once you have clicked on that you will find two main option: 1st is for new members and second for the returning members.

New member

  • If you are the new member you have to do these steps to make a payment first time.
  • As you clicked on the option you will be on the page of Member Portal Initial Payment Form.
  • Here you have to fill the confirmation Information which is having the 14 letters as well as confirmation ID.
  • This id will have two initial letters and later the numbers.
  • Now in the next process you have the head of household information to be filled.
  • This is divided on two parts 1st is the first name of head of household, and 2nd is last name of the household.
  • Next is the member information where you have to fill the email address, date of birth and phone number.
  • Now next you have to go for the premium information where you have to fill the premium information.
  • Once you have provided all these information you have to strike on the option next. It will make you continue for the further process.

Returning Members

  • If you are frequent user, you will have another option which is Returning Members. As you clicked on it you will navigate to the member portal.
  • Here you have to provide information related the email address as well as password.
  • Once you have done you will be able to Login and make a payment.

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Final Word

Here the article is representing all the required aspects on fidelis insurance login. We have also provided the different types of payment methods which will helpful for the different types of the members.

We hope this article will be able to give you the desired information which makes it essay to access the account and make a payment.


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