Today we are sharing the details about MyMedicalPayment.Com Login. If you are registered with the MyMedicalPay and want to make a payment but don’t know the process then here in this below given article we are sharing the complete step by step process by which you can make a secure login. So read this article very carefully and make a successful and secure login and payment.

MyMedicalPaymnet Login


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Nowadays lots of hospitals and health care services provides a third party payment solution where they allow their patients to pay bills online because it is a secure way to pay.

Mymedicalpayments is also one of the online billing portal in which the users verify their bills, also they can check their billing and balance amount by which they can make their due payment.

Also users need to have the trouble of registering or creating an account at The users are easily able to make a sign in by simply using their account number and also by verifying their identity.

If you don’t know your account number, thenyou can get it on the top right side of your statement of the account provided by the health care provider or by the hospital.

About MyMedicalPaymnets:

If you don’t have any idea that what is Mymedicalpayments @, then don’t worry because we will tell you and give the complete clarification about it. MyMedicalPayments is a website where the users can pay their medical bills by using their online bill pay portal securely.

For this, they need to make a login by which they are able to review their account balance and also they are able to update their billing address. Here in this below article, we will tell you that how to pay your due medical bills online securely and in a very fast manner with the help of Mymedicalpayments service.

How to login to Mymedicalpayments account

MyMedicalPaymnet Login
MyMedicalPaymnet Login

If you want to make a login but don’t know the process then simply follow the below given step by step process which help you to get to know that how to make a secure MyMedicalPayment login:

  • Firstly you need to have a laptop, desktop or any other device on which you can access the internet
  • Then make sure that you have a working internet connection
  • Then you need to visit the official website of Mymedicalpayments at
  • Then a login page will open
  • Simply look for the login credentials
  • In first field, you need to enter your account number
  • Then you need to very your identity
  • After this, you need to enter patient’s birth date
  • After this, simply accept the terms by click on it
  • Then you need to make sure that you enter all the correct information
  • Then simply tap on the “Sign in” button which appear below on the login page
  • That’s it, you make a successful login

Where to get Account Number on Mymedicalpayments

Account Number on Mymedicalpayments
Account Number on Mymedicalpayments

If you don’t know that how to get Mymedicalpayments Account number to fill in the box available at website, then you need to click on the “where is my account number” option, which will appear behind the box.

After making a successful login, you are able to pay your medical bills and also able to check your accounts details at mymedicalpayments.

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Today we learnt about how to login into the MyMedicalPayment.Com Login and how to perform other functions including creating the account or to change your password or password recovery on MyMedicalPayment.Com.

We hope this article helped you in simplifying to get “MyMedicalPayment login” details. If it did feel free to share this article with your friends and family to help them out too.

If you have any suggestions for this article or you have any query regarding the MyMedicalPayment bill payment and also if you have problems then you can leave your comments or feedback in the comment section present under this article or connect with the customer support.


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